open gate_Angel Lake

A gate can be quite different than a door.  Most gates you can see through, and what is on the other side entices you to open the gate…

Our Founders live on 5 acres in Lyon County, and each day they have to open a gate as they leave their property.  One day they asked themselves, “What would happen if we didn’t open the gate?”.

Their conclusion, they would be stuck!   

Just like a property gate, there are gates in education for administrators, teachers, and students, such as obtaining licenses, completing training, developing skills and abilities, acquiring knowledge.  When a person arrives at a gate a choice is presented:

  • stand there and look at the gate and remain where you are,
  • open the gate yet remain where you are, or
  • open the gate and move through…

Open-Gate has the ability to help schools open the gate and move through...  We take your hand and move alongside you as you step through the gate.  

Who will meet you at the gate?


Dr. Brandolyn Thran holds advance degrees in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Environmental Science and Health.  She LOVES science!! She has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into understandable chunks of information.  

Brandolyn worked for the U.S. Army for 15-years leading their Microbial Risk Assessment Initiative -- which means she used data, lots of data, to understand the risk of bacteria in air, food and water, and then helped develop solutions so that our Soldiers would have cleaner air, water, and food.  She thrives in data-rich environments, and enjoys sharing and helping people implement data-driven decision making concepts. She has taught high school and university science courses.

When she meets you at the gate, in her backpack are classroom management strategies, data-analytic skills, and boundless energy and compassion.  When she isn’t working she enjoys anything outside, playing piano, and hanging out with her husband and son.



Dr. Carolyn Ross has been in education for over 40 years, starting as a parent-classroom aide and retiring as Superintendent.  She LOVES education!!

Carolyn has served in schools in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Nevada, which means she has seen a lot of variety in education.  She has sat behind a teacher's desk, a vice-principal's desk, a principal's desk, and a Superintendents desk, so wherever you are in your journey, she can relate and understand the challenges you are facing.  

She is passionate about collaboration, but also recognizes the importance of strong school leadership.  When she meets you at the gate, she brings mentoring and coaching skills, a deep understanding of educational systems, astute observational skills, and a willingness to serve.  When she isn’t working she enjoys spinning classes and swimming. She enjoys travelling the world via cruises with her husband, and visiting her four grandkids.


Together Dr. Thran and Dr. Ross, with other members of their team, look forward to meeting you at your gate, right where you are, wherever you are in Nevada. We’ll work with you to bring out the best science education possible at your school.