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A Classroom is Like a Petri Dish

fungal and bacterial colonies growing on a petri dish

When I step into a classroom, I find my mind imagining that I am stepping into a petri dish.  It’s a mental image that makes sense to me, because for many years of my life I stood at a laboratory bench and inoculated thousands of petri dishes.  After a 24 hour incubation period, each dish…

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An Introduction by Way of Thoughts

little girl learning

As a trained scientist who has transitioned in to supporting educators, let me introduce myself via concepts that are developing in my mind and that I will be using on my blog.  Instead of me blabbing on about myself, my hope is that through these concepts your getting to know me will be deeper.  You…

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Living Water

Water.  Required for survival by all living things.  That is what we teach our “littles” in school, therefore we grow up learning the importance of water.  But, have you ever thought much about water itself?  The miraculously simple molecule that it is?  Two hydrogens (H) and one oxygen (O), H2O, with polarity (state of having…

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Teacher Self-Control

When I say “Self-Control”, Who Pops in your Mind First? Teachers or Students?   “Conflict in enviable, combat is optional” (Time To Teach Concept)   Much has been written about classroom behavior for teachers and students, and effective teaching and learning strategies, but little has been reported specifically about Teacher self-control, in the context of…

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