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fungal and bacterial colonies growing on a petri dish

A Classroom is Like a Petri Dish

When I step into a classroom, I find my mind ...
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little girl learning

An Introduction by Way of Thoughts

As a trained scientist who has transitioned in to supporting ...
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Open Gate Foundation Blog

Vocabulary Series: Righteousness

Does Christian jargon sometimes trip you up or cause you become frustrated? If so, here is a short ...
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Reckless Abandon

What is 'reckless abandon'? Am I really allowed to do that?!?! Watch and see! https://youtu.be/tC-BVi0Qxb8
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Reckless Love

What is reckless love? Watch to get an idea of what it might be! https://youtu.be/-Tre_1nI3sg
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God Doesn’t Change

Where do you put your trust? In the changing things of this world or in God, who doesn't ...
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Be Brave!

What DO you do with a chance? Seems like most of the time chances ARE scary -- but ...
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piano with music

OH! The Challenge to Focus

For over two years I served as “the piano player” at my church, a very traditional Presbyterian Church, ...
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Miracles Abound!

Flower in the rock at Lamoille Lake, Nevada. What do you see when you look at the blog-post ...
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Living Water

Water.  Required for survival by all living things.  That is what we teach our “littles” in school, therefore ...
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Teacher Self-Control

When I say “Self-Control”, Who Pops in your Mind First? Teachers or Students?   “Conflict in enviable, combat ...
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