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As a trained scientist who has transitioned in to supporting educators, let me introduce myself via concepts that are developing in my mind and that I will be using on my blog.  Instead of me blabbing on about myself, my hope is that through these concepts your getting to know me will be deeper.  You will get a glimpse at how I think and view the world versus just a list of my education and accomplishments.  Welcome to my brain.

PART 1:  If You Aren’t Growing, You’re Dying

As a trained scientist, who holds a Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology and a Ph.D. in Environmental Health and Science with a Microbiology concentration, I see the world as nothing but a bunch of cells trying to survive.  I LOVE Microbiology, and specifically Bacteriology, the study of bacteria. Perhaps because of my training, one of my worldviews is that you (which is really just a big bag of cells) are either growing or dying.  That’s just a cold hard truth of biology.  I suppose because of this worldview, one of my passions is to help people grow – because it doesn’t matter how old you are, there are some cells in you that have the capability to grow!  How exciting!

Research in neurobiology continues to confirm that the human brain is one of the most under-utilized natural resources.  That continually confirmed finding really has some really big implications for education!  Imagine if we learned how to teach where we are activating brains more than we ever have, where we allow students to soar to their unique potential? 

I wonder what that looks like in a classroom and school? I certainly don’t have the answers but I am super excited to come alongside teachers, students, and parents to find out.  Linking the mind (psychology), the brain (neurobiology), and education is a real thing now – check out to learn more.  Here’s to growth!

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  1. Momasita on June 13, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    I’m growing, I’m growing!!!!

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