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Learning Time UP, Frustration Down: Classroom Management

Ah-ha!!! Science Encounters Ahead

Creation Laboratory: Integrated Units

Are you frustrated with the behavior of your students day-after-day?  Do you start the year excited and then become exhausted from the daily struggle?

This 1.5 hour workshop provides you with tools and strategies that you can implement tomorrow!  There are no gimmicks, and you do not have to create any complicated "systems".

Only $20.00!  Thursday, February 27, 2020 at the Elko County Library.


Does science content intimidate you?  Are you unsure what to teach to meet your standards?  Or, do you just want some fresh science ideas?

These two hour workshops are grade-level specific primers on science content.  Come learn about the science for your grade-level, and leave with some easy ideas to help you teach science.

Only $25.00!  Each workshop is offered during a weeknight and on Saturday to help accommodate your busy life.  The same material is presented in both workshops; you only need to attend ONE of the grade-level workshops.

Kindergarten:  Tues 2/11   OR   Sat 2/15

1st Grade:  Thurs 3/5   OR    Sat 3/7

2nd Grade:  Weds 3/18   OR   Sat 3/21

3rd Grade:  Thurs 2/6   OR  Sat 2/8

4th Grade:  Tues 2/18   OR   Sat 2/22

5th Grade:  Mon 2/24   OR   Sat 2/29


Do you run out of school year before you cover all your standards?  You're not alone!

This workshop is intended to give you the time to work with your standards and look for, and then develop, natural integration points between ELA, Math, and Science...or other academic standards.  There is no limit to how many content areas you can integrate!

Only $40.00 for a six-hour workshop over two days.  Monday AND Tuesday, March 23 and 24, at the Elko County Library from 4:30 - 7:45pm.  A light dinner will be provided so we can be productive the entire time.

Want to attend all three workshops? Awesome!